One of the most addictive iPhone games in recent memory just made its way onto the iPad.Dots, a deceptively simple game that prompts users to connect the dots, rolled out an update Thursday that optimizes the game for iPad and adds a multi-player option on both iPad and iPhone so users can compete against one another using the same board of dots.
Since Dots was released on April 30, it has been downloaded more than three million times and users have played 250 million games, according to a blog post the company put out Thursday morning. As the company points out, that’s the equivalent of about 500 years of gameplay. That’s pretty impressive considering it has only been one month.
In many ways, Dots is perfectly designed to be addictive. The game’s interface is colorful and unique, but simple enough for anyone to figure out in a few seconds. Each round users play lasts for just 60 seconds, which creates an adrenaline rush and, of course, the desire to start again as soon as the round ends. Perhaps most importantly, Dots creates a customized leader board based on your Twitter and Facebook connections, and encourages users to share out their high scores, which makes the game that much more sharable.

Dots was created almost by accident by Patrick Moberg, a hacker-in-residence at Betaworks. Earlier this year, Moberg started experimenting with different user interaction designs while working on another Betaworks product called Tapestry that focuses on short stories. But as Moberg told Mashable in a previous interview, while playing with different design elements, he “sort of forgot the words” and ended up creating a hit game instead.

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