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Audio Enthusiasts suggest that when investing in high end audiophile equipment, that you ensure half of your total budget go to your speakers. Logical?
Of course!
The better your speakers, the more realistic the “electronic to physical” translation of audio to your ears!
What does this have to do with film?
Does a great script need great marketing?
Do great special effects need great marking?
Does a great cast need great marketing?
Ask yourself after looking at these numbers.
My guess is that Godzilla’s marketing budget was larger than all the films on this list combined, excluding “maybe” Spidy??
 Just a hunch…
1. Godzilla

Wknd (est):
US Gross:

2. Neighbors

Wknd (est):
US Gross:

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Wknd (est):
US Gross:

Million Dollar Arm
4. Million Dollar Arm

Wknd (est):
US Gross:

The Other Woman
5. The Other Woman

Wknd (est):
US Gross:

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