Second String – Gil Bellows

A shot with Gil Bellows. Director: Robert Leiberman Writers: Jere Cunningham and Tom Flynn Gil Bellows: Buffalo Bill’s Second String Quarterback, Dan Heller. William Lucas: Buffalo Bill’s Executive A TNT Film Production Plot Summary: Dan Heller, an insurance salesman and former college quarterback, who was hired -relactantly has to captain and train a bunch of rookies and old-timers against their hardest…


In hardened grey VISTEON RACING Gear. Director: Renny Harlin The cast of this film was loaded: Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds Gina Gershon, Estella Warren, Kip Pardue ___________________________________________ William Lucas: Far Left Runways at the De Havilland Airbase in Toronto were used to capture intense pit-stop action. Burt Reynolds was a blast, Sylvester was never seen…


Director: William Lucas Actor: William Lucas Written by and featuring: Francesco Coscarella An Entertainmentarts Production Follow Francesco on twitter: @CoscarellaF Attorney at Law, Novelist and Actor Francesco Coscarella endures another day at the office…. After dropping his car keys, I find myself taking a nice car for a spin!


From the set of SWITCH William Lucas: Writer / Actor Plot Summary: Street person “Tim” camps out every night on the same corner so that bumps into “Kate”, the business woman who drops him some change. When her husband “Jack” drops his keys roadside one morning, Tim makes his “SWITCH.

Shooting the Seventh Journey

Writer: Robert.J.R.Graham Director: William Lucas Cinematographer: William Lucas Editor: William Lucas An Entertainmentarts Production “The Cat-Walk Battle”. A fabulous scene shot with martial-arts combat specialists Christopher Chen and Robert J.R. Graham. Use of  the White Lotus combat system (developed by Brian Leishman), these two actors brought authentic “hand to hand” combat realism to the set!