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Drought in Mexico reveals 400-year-old church

A church that has been covered by water for years has been exposed as southern Mexico experiences drought conditions. The Nezahualcoyotl reservoir has dropped by 25 metres, The Associated Press reports, exposing the centuries-old Temple of Santiago (also known as Temple of Quechula). In 2002, the water levels were low enough in the reservoir that people could walk inside the structure. Now, since the church is exposed once again, curious visitors are coming to investigate the site.

The remains of a mid-16th century church known as the Temple of Santiago, as well as the Temple of Quechula, is visible from the surface of the Grijalva River, which feeds the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir, due to the lack of rain near the town of Nueva Quechula, in Chiapas state, Mexico, Friday, Oct. 16, 2015. âThe church was abandoned due the big plagues of 1773-1776,â said architect Carlos Navarette, who worked with Mexican authorities on a report about the structure that would be flooded in 1966 when the dam was completed. (AP Photo/David von Blohn)
originally posted at news.yahoo.com

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