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This reel communicates a sample from the body of my work. It reveals several facets of my experience, including writing, acting, directing, cinematography, editing, visual effects, and producing.
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Seventh Journey
Author: Robert J.R. Graham
Director, DP, Editor: William Lucas

An entertainmentarts production.

Official Seventh Journey Trailer. From Author Robert J. R. Graham. An Entertainmentarts production, directed by William Lucas.
Meet Jacob Cross, a staff scientist at Netex, an advanced research firm with more than one secret agenda. Using a sound wave technology called Auditum, the nefarious research firm develops a mind-altering headset with the power to control minds and even hurl users into a different dimension.
Cross had been deeply involved in developing the headset and was lead to believe the technology would serve various medical applications. Now terrified that his invention will be used to enslave millions, Jacob sends himself through the dimensional portal. But will he be able to stop the firm’s devious plan?

Where’s Your Head At?
Writer: William Lucas
Director: William Lucas
Editor: William Lucas
An entertainmentarts production.

An personal reflection on the “bi-polar” nature of society and how humanity has struggled to survive in it.

A Hard Day
Writer: Francesco Coscarella
Director: William Lucas
An entertainmentarts production.

Find out what articling law graduates have to endure before being called to the BAR!

Writer: William Lucas
Director: William Lucas
Featuring: Francesco Coscarella
An entertainmentarts production.

TAO: “The Way”
The basic, eternal principle of the universe that transcends reality and is the source of being, non-being, and change.
Finding one’s ultimate way, or true nature usually involves the slaying of cultural, religious and personal dragons. The “ego”, be gone.

“To slay the dragon, you must slay yourself..”
(William Lucas)