The Entertainment Industry is rolling along with some great box office numbers.  The transition from the winter rush into the Spring Lull has been a good one this year.  Check out whats happening via  Beauty and The Beast is set to top 500M world wide, making it perhaps one of the highest grossing “musicals” of all time. LOGAN has grossed over 200M in its US market alone, and for a storyline that “transitions” the audience to a “new thread”, it has done very well.
In a time where most would think that the industry is shrinking, it is not.  Spending over the last 15 years has gone up, as has revenue.  The industry is not limited to motion picture film.  The spectrum is broad, containing Music, Film, Print, Theatre, etc…
I am looking forward to Aquaman.. Vinnie Chase / James Cameron? lol,.. not so much.
Have a great day!

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