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nanoplug placement Nanoplug Hearing Aid to Hide Within Ear Canal (VIDEO)nanoplug Nanoplug Hearing Aid to Hide Within Ear Canal (VIDEO)Nanoplug – Hearing aids have come a long way lately, thanks to new audio processing algorithms, miniaturization, and wireless capabilities. Yet, they can still be too large to wear inconspicuously and can get quite pricey. Now a new project raising money on Indiegogo aims to produce a hearing aid small enough to fit into the ear canal and cheap enough to sell for around $400.
The Nanoplug device is able to be this small thanks to its tiny battery, designed to be many times smaller than currently available hearing aid batteries. The team working on the device claims that it will hold enough charge to power the hearing aid for up to six days.
The device doesn’t completely fill the ear canal, allowing sound to be localized by the wearer, which is another common problem for hearing aids.
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