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VISIQ ultrasound Philips VISIQ Tablet Ultrasound Now Cleared in U.S. (VIDEO)
Philips received FDA clearance for its VISIQ ultrasound, a device that looks, and in many ways acts, like an iPad with an attached transducer. It’s intended to be used for abdominal and obstetric imaging procedures, coming with a single transducer that features a broadband micro-digital beam former and image acquisition module. Philips claims the VISIQ produces image quality comparable to cart-based systems.

It’s controlled using the touchscreen, utilizing many of the same gestures now commonly used in consumer devices. The device includes powerful capabilities such as image measurement and image optimization. It has built-in Wi-Fi, allowing it to dump its data to a PACS system for later review on other workstations.

The device is already CE marked in Europe and is available in select countries around the world.


Originally posted by medgadget.com




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