‘Star Wars’ Producer Kathleen Kennedy Believes ‘The Force’ May Have Guided J.J. Abrams’ Career

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by – Beatrice Verhoeven

“I had to ask myself: was every one of these events, this whole progression, moving toward this? Is it the Force? I think so,” said Kennedy at the Los Angeles premiere

The Force is actually very real to “Star Wars” producer and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy.
According to Entertainment Weekly, during an emotional speech to introduce the world premiere of Episode VII, “The Force Awakens” in Hollywood on Monday, Kennedy revealed the series of “chance encounters” that led to J.J. Abramsdirecting what may end up being his career-defining film.
“In 1962, an 18-year-old boy named George Lucas was drag-racing his car,” she said. “He skidded out of control and wrapped his hotrod around a tree in Modesto. My step-brother’s grandfather pulled George from the wreckage that nearly killed him.”
“Fifteen years later, I stood in line for ‘A New Hope,’ just like many of you, only to find myself later going to work with George Lucas and his best friend, Steven Spielberg,” Kennedy continued.
“Steven’s next movie was ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’” she continued, “which was produced by George Lucas and written by Lawrence Kasdan.” Kasdan co-wrote “The Force Awakens.”
“After its release in 1982, a box of super-8 movies Steven made as a kid had long been lost, but were found,” Kennedy said. “I hired two 16-year-old young filmmakers to restore them. One of those boys was J.J. Abrams.”
“We paid him $300,” Kennedy said with a laugh. “Then we watched for 30 years as his career flourished.
And of course, Kennedy ended her speech with a famous “Star Wars” line.
And Destiny? Fate?” she said. “I had to ask myself: was every one of these events, this whole progression, moving toward this? Is it the Force? I think so. If I’m right, then tonight, may the Force be with us all.
For Kennedy’s full speech, click here.
Originally posted by thewrap.com
by – Beatrice Verhoeven

This is a CRAZY story,…. things cannot be happenstance?  Does chance play a role, or is it about synchronicity placing us in the right place at the right time?  If so, I should have moved to hollywood years ago! LOL
1. George gets into a near death car crash and decides NOT to take on his father’s business.
    – which is what star wars is really all about by the way!
2. George and Steven both go to film school and meet each other.
3. They become friends and begin to make films over time.
4. George starts work with Rick McCallum back in 1999
5. No one realizes that Kathleen Kennedy is Rick’s wife
6. George makes 3 more films with Rick
7. George finally finds his wife (Mellody Hobson)
8. George decides to sell his life’s work to Disney……..
9. Kathleen Kennedy happens to be an executive at Disney 🙂 and is now President of LucasFilm
10.  The Force? Fate? Destiny? Alien Intervention?
Whatever it is, its here, and I’m ready for my turn 🙂

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