We here at OnlySP are very excited about the next-gen lineup. Both the Xbox One and PS4 have a lot of amazing exclusive launch titles coming up, but which console’s launch titles better fit your gaming taste? Let us take a look. 
Playstation 4
The PS4 has a lot of interesting games for the release day. Here’s a list of our favourites:Knack looks very intriguing. The PS4′s architect Mark Cerny is the director behind the game so we know that Knack is going to be closely associated to PS4. Cerny says that Knack is like “Crash Bandicoot” meets “Katamari” where the main character absorbs things in the environment like wood, ice and water before growing bigger and turning them into attacks. Check out the gameplay on Jimmy Fallon.
Next up is Killzone: Shadow FallKZ was shown off at the initial PS4 reveal and it looks fantastic. There’s a lot of colour in this game which is refreshing after a console generation of “brown mud” shooters. On top of this, the engine can render a significant amount of movement in the background, making the city shown in the initial reveal actually felt like a living, breathing futuristic society. The graphics look astonishing but the gameplay is improved as well. The “linear” path that Killzone is infamous for has been changed to allow a semi-open mission structure where you choose where to go, similar to Crysis 3. Check out the gameplay demo below :
Like Ridge Racer before it, Driveclub is another launch-day Playstation racing exclusive except that it is free for Playstation Plus users. The next-gen team racing game is all about “collaborative gameplay with friends”. The game is focused on challenges, working with teams and rewarding those who set challenges and break records. With competition on the scale of Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit’s Autolog feature and graphics that will get motorheads excited just looking at the engine, Driveclub looks great and personally, is my favourite upcoming launch title. Check out the gorgeous trailer below.
Xbox One
The Xbox One is bringing back a lot of old favourites for its launch. Here’s our most anticipated:
Killer Instinct is back after nearly 17 years. The arcade fighter has been rebooted for the Xbox One’s launch day and will also be free to play. However, only 1 character will be available for the free-to-play version and other characters can be purchased individually or all together. Despite this, the combo-focused fighter looks awesome and the graphics are crisp and very detailed. Also, the game marks the return of the c-c-combo breaker! Check out the gameplay from EVO 2013:
Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 is back for Xbox One. The game features a new character but keeps the same silly zombie crushing and mankini wearing tone. Boasting no load times, many variations on enemy types and improvisational gameplay, Dead Rising 3 looks like great open-world ridiculous fun. The game’s creators say that anything is a weapon to use against the zombie horde so get ready to crush zombies with a robotic teddy bear loaded with machine guns. Sweet.
Finally, we have Forza 5. The game is set to use an innovative Drivatar feature which can create AI ghosts based on how well the player races and then places them in the game to race against the player. Some of the game features have been redesigned after Microsoft changed from their always-online Xbox. Forza no longer requires players to be online and the majority of the content is featured on the disc.
It’s hard to choose which console has the better launch lineup. We only know the games based on appearance and news articles alone and not gameplay. We don’t know how the games feel to play until we control them ourselves. That being said, we can still pick out which titles are the most interesting to play or the ones that make us want to play.
To be perfectly honest, if you don’t include third party games, I think that both consoles have a rather mediocre lineup for the release. Microsoft has no Halo/Gears and Sony has noUncharted/inFamous. Both consoles are relying on brands that have a decent fanbase but nowhere near impressive as the previously mentioned series.
I believe that the Playstation 4 has the better line up but only just. The PS4 will have two (three if you have Playstation Plus) free-to-play console exclusives: DriveclubDC Universe Online andWarframe. I still feel like there’s a good open-world game, something along the lines of Dead Rising 3, missing from this lineup. It will be interesting to see how Warframe, which is a session based co-op game with space ninjas (sounds fun!), holds up. Xbox One has good games coming up but there’s a big flaw: no shooter. The Xbox One has no exclusive FPS game like Halo, which are the highest populated multiplayer games, coming to the platform. Forza seems to be the only big multiplayer game from Xbox One but when you compare this to Killzone‘s expansive multiplayer, a mode that is popular with a lot of players, it seems that Microsoft missed out big time.
Forget about which console these games are on and just let us know which lineup catches your eye more.
Thank you
Posted by: Nathan Hughes

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