The tech-geek actor has a minor revelation in this first clip from the Sundance film, which hits theaters in April.
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Finally, after months of photo mash-ups and vague updates, the first clip from jOBS, in which Kutcher plays the late Apple co-founder, has hit the web — just ahead of the film’s debut at Sundance. Kutcher, well known for his own enthusiasm for and investments in gadgets, apps and other hip buzzwords, is seen in this minutelong spot having a revelation that ultimately will alter the very landscape of computing.
Steve Wozniak, the Apple co-founder played by 1600 Penn’s Josh Gad, has been working on a computer operating system that would create an interface for people using the still-rudimentary tool. He doesn’t quite believe that anyone would actually want to buy a computer, a sentiment with which Jobs disagrees — a sign of his innate understanding of the consumer’s desires (even before they desire things).
The film hits theaters April 19.
by Jordan Zakarin
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