CP3 NBA superstar Chris Paul has launched his own app

NBA superstar Chris Paul has followed in the steps of other celebrities and launched his own branded app: Game Vision by Chris Paul.
chris paul and son

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The app is a game meant to strengthen your visual reaction time, and consequently make you a better point guard, baseball hitter, and so on. It’s not a new idea, especially in baseball, where vision science has made its way into MLB clubhouses, and vision training apps have sprung up.
But Game Vision is trying to appeal to a younger crowd, with a kid-focused design and the Chris Paul endorsement.
This aspect was actually a big thing that drew Paul to the app, as a father who admits his own cell phone is populated with tons of kids games.
“I was able to give [the app developers] feedback both as a professional athlete and as a father,” he tells Business Insider.
Paul has done a bit of computer coding himself, and his brother actually majored in computer science, but he didn’t have any technical role in the app development. That doesn’t mean he just put his name on it though. Paul and his son tested the app together and worked with the team to make changes, he says.
So did the app improve his son’s reactions?
“Well, he is six,” he laughs. But proud papa Paul did note that his son got on base three times in his latest baseball game.
Game Vision works by having you tap targets as they appear in circles, which in turn destroy brick formations.
Here’s what Game Vision is like to play:
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by Nathan McAlone
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