There is MORE, than a HOPE IN HELL!

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Struck with some good luck this week, I was offered the opportunity to listen to the up and coming unreleased album “Hope in Hell” from ANVIL front to back as they say.
For all members of Anvil’s Metal Pounders Union and Metal Music enthusiasts all over the world, this material ABSOLUTELY POUNDS!
Year: 2013
Release Dates:
Germany: May 24th, 2013 (SVP / STEAMHAMMER)
Europe: May 27th, 2013 (SVP / STEAMHAMMER)
North America: May 28th, 2013 (THE END RECORDS)
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by: Bob Marlette
HOPE IN HELL. ANVIL’s 15th album and if I may say, material that rivals “Metal On Metal”, is the bands latest, and in my opinion greatest in the last decade.  Coming off a fabulous high with Hollywood Director Sacha Gervasi’sThe Story Of Anvil“, the track line-up on this album definately continues with that same electrically high vibe.
The ANVIL trio is formed by:
LIPS : Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar (center)
Robb Reiner: Drums (left)
Sal Italiano:  Bass (right)
Anvil Band
In classic fashion, the album title Hope in Hell leads us off in the pole position.   The album resonates with  that classic “tight” Anvil sound.  Steve rips up blazing guitar solos as expected, and Robb’s classic tom-tom rolls, ride symbol, and double-bass simply pound.  Sal Italiano takes control of a driving bass throughout the album, and tears through several tracks at full speed as well.  All three musicians bring energy to this album.  Steve’s vocals are strong, charismatic and clean as is the musical element of this work as well.
The production value of this album is like none we’ve herd before from these boys.  It is super clean, powerful and smooth. We played the album through a pair of Martin Logan Electrostatics. Metal hasn’t sounded better to me!  The recordings dynamic range is rich, and makes for a very pleasant experience.  It shines through and is a testament to the production, producer, engineers and all supporting staff.  The final product sounds marvelous! Cudos to the Marlette’s, and supporting crew.
Here is a review snippet from, written by Dennis Jarman
“Anvil’s desire to use the title track as opener has not been changed as the album starts on a high with the grinding riff of Hope In Hell, a signature Anvil heavy metal stomper in the vein of Forged In Fire and This Is Thirteen with a menacing vocal by Lips and contains one of his many scorching guitar solos on the album. Other highlights are the melodic speed metal of Eat Your Words with Lips’ guitar solo based around the main riff and drummer Robb Reiner sounding as if he is covering every inch of his kit. Through With You is a slow burner, ….with an intense chugging breakdown around the guitar solo midway.  The Fight Is Never Won has a killer riff reminiscent of Paper General off their Strength Of Steel album and is certain to be a future live favourite with an ott guitar solo backed by some manic riffing. Flying is based on their non stop touring cycle with a simple but effective chorus and Lips solos throughout the song. Mankind Machine is my personal favourite on Hope In Hell with its heavy, stuttering riff backed up by yet more colossal drum patterns and driving bass from Sal Italiano. Album closer Shut The Fuck Up surges along on tempos akin to Show Me Your Tits from their Absolutely No Alternative album. It is a mid paced chugger with a catchy chorus which will certainly not get any radio play, which was probably the last thing on Lips’ mind when he penned the lyrics.
Hope In Hell is easily one of Anvil’s strongest releases in many years to my ears and where there is Hope In Hell there will be hope for Canadian heavy metal.”

Track List:
*Hope In Hell.
Eat Your Words.
*Through With You.
The Fight Is Never Won.
Pay The Toll.
Call Of Duty.
Bad Ass Rock And Roll.
Time Shows No Mercy.
Mankind Machine.
Shut The Fuck Up.
Bonus tracks on digipak :-
Hard Wired.
Fire At Will.

A solid Metal album, this release will make die hard fans happy and grab new ones for sure.  It is difficult to pick a favourite track on this album as each song does reveal a different element of the bands Metal Versatility.  You’ll have to pick up a copy and feel it out for yourself.

RATING: 9.5/10

Will’s last word : HOPE IN HELL rocks the “HOPE” out of “HELL”!  
“Congrats boys, your dedication and love for music continues to inspire.”
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