George Lucas Engaged to DreamWorks Chairwoman Mellody Hobson
05 January 2013
With all of the recent news around Lucasfilm being bought by Disney, fans might be getting riled up, but it looks like George Lucas himself is living the sweet life.
Looks like everything is coming up roses for the director, as he recently got engaged to Dreamworks Animation chairwoman Mellody Hobson, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The pair have reportedly been together since 2006 and the engagement is coming as no surprise to anyone. This will be the 43-year-old Hobson’s first marriage and the second one for 68-year-old Lucas. The timing couldn’t be more perfect for the couple, as both of them are at the height of their success (well, money-wise anyway) at the moment.
Besides her position in Dreamworks, Hobson is also at the helm of investment management firm Ariel Investments Llc. and is chair of Ariel Mutual Funds. She is also a frequent finantial contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America. Meanwhile, Lucas has been enjoying his break (and financial status), after selling Lucasfilm and has been donating a large portion of the money to various charities. “As I start a new chapter in my life, it is gratifying that I have the opportunity to devote more time and resources to philanthropy,” Lucas said in October.
We here at Contact Music would like to congratulate the couple and wish them all the best in their life together.
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