Just for fun Oscar picks!
I received this a week ago and thought it would be fun to post it a few hours prior to the big show.. Lets see how “DS” does!
Best Actor
Will Win: Daniel Day Lewis
Should Win: Daniel Day Lewis
Spoiler: Joaquin Phoenix
* Daniel Day Lewis should have this in the bag. However, even though I don’t think this should be considered when voting, he does already have two Oscars and they don’t like to give out an Oscar to a previous winner. Remember back in 2002 when Daniel Day Lewis was nominated for Gangs Of New York and was the “shoe-in” and lost to Adrien Brody? So if there is an upset, which I think has a 1% chance of happening, expect Joaquin to take it. Most people suspect Hugh Jackman is his strongest competition but it’s Joaquin. It was a great performance (in a weird movie) and he is a very talented actor. In my opinion he is my runner-up to Lewis. Both amazing performances.
Best Actress
Will Win: Emmanuelle Riva
Should Win: Emmanuelle Riva/Quvenzhane Wallis
Spoiler: Jennifer Lawrence
* I am going to go out on a limb and take a chance and predict Emmanuelle for the win. This is why: Jennifer Lawrence has won every award leading up to the Oscars which makes many people believe she is the frontrunner. However, Emmanuelle hasn’t been nominated with her in any of the previous categories except for at the BAFTA’s which Emmanuelle won. Plus, not that this matters, but she turns 86 years old on the day of the Oscars. We love a great story! Also, Jennifer Lawrence performance in Silver Linings Playbook was nothing special! You’re going to give her an Oscar for that? REALLY? Am I watching the Oscars or MTV Movie Awards? I also think Wallis was AMAZING in Beasts Of The Southern Wild and would be happy with her taking it but again Oscar would NEVER give it to a 9 year old even though age shouldn’t matter. PERFORMANCES PEOPLE!!!!!!!! I would like to believe that Wallis was Riva’s strongest competition and that it was a race between those two but it’s between Riva and Lawrence and I’m giving it to Riva!
Best Supporting Actress
Will Win: Anne Hathaway
Should Win: Sally Field
Spoiler: Sally Field
* I’ll keep this simple: Anne Hathaway is winning this; she has it in the bag. I believe Field’s performance came out ahead (with Hathaway a very close second). With the 1% chance of an upset, Field’s would take it but that’s not happening.
** If you haven’t seen Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy please do. Best Supporting Actress performance this year. She was snubbed. Still upset about it.
Best Supporting Actor
Will Win: Christoph Waltz
Should Win: Tommy Lee Jones
Spoiler: Tommy Lee Jones
* This is the hardest category to pick and is truly anyone’s game. The reason is because: Phillip Seymour Hoffman won the Critic’s Choice Award, Waltz won the Globe & BAFTA and Jones the SAG. Plus, DeNiro is being played as the comeback kid. The only person who doesn’t have a chance of winning is Arkin. The reason I chose Waltz to win was because he won two major pre-awards- BAFTA & Globe. Although, I don’t think he deserves it. He gave a great performance but it was too similar to his performance to Inglorious Bastards. Seymour is losing momentum. That is why I believe if there is a “spoiler” it goes to Jones but honestly it can go to anyone, except Arkin.
Best Director:
Will Win: Steven Spielberg
Should Win: Steven Spielberg
Spoiler: Michael Haneke
* Ben Affleck has been winning everything because of the Oscar snub. I don’t agree with the sympathy vote but what can I do. Many people believe Spielberg has this in the bag as a result of Affleck’s snub. Well, he doesn’t. Seeing as the academy didn’t nominate the predictable Affleck and Bigelow and chose lesser known directors for “art” films as opposed to “Hollywood” films means the academy is changing. They don’t feel obligated to reward the veterans. I do believe Spielberg deserves to win it though this time around for an amazing film, but don’t be surprised if there is an upset and if Haneke takes it.
Best Picture:
Will Win: Argo
Should Win: Lincoln
Spoiler: N/A
* I am most upset with this category. Argo is going to win it 99% and it shouldn’t; the only reason it is going to win is because it’s the only way they can give Ben an Oscar without being nominated for Best Director. Get over it! Shit happens! And because they can’t get over it, they’re going to award a film the most prestigious prize when there are better movies out there more deserving. Ughhh! Sometimes I hate the Oscars. When it comes to Best Picture you have to vote for something that has THE WHOLE PACKAGE. Argo was a good movie but it didn’t have the whole package. Lincoln had everything. EVERYTHING!!!!!! I can’t talk about this anymore because it gets me upset. Sad yet true.