According to Movie Pilot, the director is losing patience with the constant stream of plot and image leaks from the Star Wars set, and believes that shifting to an earlier release date will mean the film isn’t “ruined” before fans can see it. The Ikwiz article states: “Disney is reportedly taking Abrams’ request very seriously, and is looking at a possible summer release.”
While neither website has an official source for the rumour, Abrams is reported to have made the comments at the 2015 Visual Effects Society Awards on February 4. The director received the VES Visionary Award during the ceremony.
Last week, Disney appeared to be cracking down on anyone illegally leaking content from Star Wars VII, requesting that a judge issue a subpoena to a website named ImageShack, which was hosting a blurred image of a Sith Lord clutching a red lightsaber – said to be a leaked still from the film. In a declaration to support the issuance of a subpoena, a Disney employee confirmed the image was related to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
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